Introducing Fintech Product Management đź’Ż

Building and Managing Lending Products

A paid Micro course with Nifemi Oluboyede
Head of Product & Growth, Credit Direct

Who should attend

Practicing Fintech product managers

Mid level and senior professionals looking to plug urgent skill and knowledge gaps in their current roles

Ideas, Lists & More

Mid level to senior professionals in the process of transitioning into a more senior role

Founder and Business Leaders

Founders and business leaders looking to fill knowledge gaps for their growing responsibilities within the shortest time possible

Poetry & Song Lyrics

Full AI blog posts, blog topic ideas, intros, bullet point expansion, tone changer, paraphrasing tool, and so much more!

What you will learn

First session

Understanding Lending Products 

  • Definition of a lending product
  • Categories of lending products 
  • Examples of lending products in Africa and other regions and their business models
  • Key terms for lending products

Carrying Out User Research for Lending Products 

  • Understanding lending product user segments
  • Proven user research guide for lending products
  • Case study discussion (user research for an actual lending product)

Market Research for Lending Products 

  • Understanding the lending product market landscape 
  • Proven guide to carrying out market research for lending products
  • Current and emerging trends of lending products
  • Case study for a lending product market research
  • Finding Unique Selling Propositions for your lending product
Second sesion

Risk and Regulatory Assessment for Lending Products

  • Carrying out customer due diligence and Know Your Customer frameworks
  • Running automated decisioning, fraud & other background checks on your customers
  • Building policy rules for your product and credit criteria
  • Key regulations and compliance requirements for lending products with a focus on Africa
  • Discussion and class activity around popular fraud cases, KYC issues that have affected notable fintech or lending products.

Stakeholder Management for Lending Products

  • Managing internal stakeholders expectations for lending products 
  • Understanding key external bodies 
  • Understanding key license requirements for your lending products
  • Identifying and managing key third party integrations for lending products
  • Case study for external stakeholder management for lending products

Product Development for Lending Products

  • Understanding product lifecycle for lending products 
  • Step by Step guide to building a lending product from ground up. Cover aspects such as defining the product concept, creating a minimum viable product (MVP), feature prioritization, and iterative development.
  • QA for lending products (the basics)
  • Planning a lending product launch
  • Case study discussion   

Bonus session

  • Case study discussion
  • Q&A 

How you will learn

This masterclass is an exclusive interactive class just for few individual looking to levelup.

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Class Starts

Dec, 2nd 2023

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Session is Limited to only 20 people

Frequently asked questions about this masterclass

Is there a certificate for this course?

Yes this course comes with a certificate of completion

Can I access the recording for this session?

The recording will be only available on our eLearning platform

Can I join this session from other locations outside Nigeria?

It is a virtual class accessible to anyone around the world

Can I join more sessions like this from Treford?

Yes you can join masterclasses like this all year round as a Treford pro member, more details here

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