Content Marketing Starter Pack

This course is ideal for budding content marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone seeking to leverage the power of storytelling for marketing success.

About this Course

Launch your content marketing career with this beginner-friendly starter kit! This comprehensive course is your blueprint for success. You will master the fundamentals, from understanding the magic of content marketing to mapping your audience’s journey and crafting compelling content that resonates.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Solid foundation: Grasp the fundamentals of this powerful strategy and its impact on your brand.
  • Customer-centric approach: Chart your audience’s path and tailor content that resonates at every step.
  • Content format fluency: Explore diverse formats like blog posts, videos, infographics, and more – find your voice and engage your audience.
  • Writing with Flair: Master the art of crafting compelling content that informs, inspires, and converts.

Level up your marketing skills and become a content master – enroll today!

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Course Outline

Introduction to Content Marketing

Lesson 1: What is content marketing

Lesson 2: Why is content marketing important

Lesson 3: Content Marketing Strategy

Lesson 4: Tools Needed in Content Marketing

Lesson 5: Metrics in Content Marketing

Customer Journey Mapping

Lesson 6: What is a Customer Journey Map

Lesson 7: Why is Customer Journey Mapping Important

Lesson 8: ToFu, MoFu and BoFu

Lesson 9: What is included in a Customer Journey Map

Lesson 10: How to Create a Customer Journey Map

Lesson 11: Types and Examples of Customer Journey Maps

Lesson 12: The importance of personalization

Lesson 13: Best Practices for Customer Journeys

Understanding Content Formats

Lesson 14: Content types vs content formats

Lesson 15: Content formats-Blog posts

Lesson 16: Content formats-Emails

Lesson 17: Content formats-Ebooks

Lesson 18: Content formats-Infographics

Lesson 19: How to Determine What Formats

Lesson 20: The Content Marketing Matrix

Lesson 21: What is Content Atomisation

Lesson 22: Why Should You Atomise your contents

Introduction to Content Writing

Lesson 23: Introduction to Content Writing

Lesson 24: Content Writing Process

Lesson 25: Content creation example

Meet your Facilitator(s)

Toyin Voldo

Senior Product Manager Jira

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What is included

24 Lessons
4 hours+ self-paced content
Certificate of completion
Downloadable resources
Quiz & Exam
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