Product Marketing Bootcamp

Learn proven approaches to scaling products and brands

6 weeks project, Project based live classes, 6 weeks mentorship, Flexible payment options

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Next cohort starts June 15th, 2024

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Why Treford

Our live bootcamps are project-based 100% live sessions with limited seats. Here are sneak peek of what you will learn

Market Research and Analysis

Learn how to Conduct market research to identify the target audience and market segments, Analyze competition and industry trends….

Marketing Campaigns and Channels

Learn how to effectively plan, execute, and optimize marketing campaigns to drive product awareness and adoption using various marketing channels.

Product Launch and Go-to-Market Strategies

Learn to create a comprehensive go-to-market (GTM) plan and execute a successful product launch, coordinating cross-functional teams for a seamless and impactful launch.

Customer Success Retention and Churn

Learn to develop customer retention strategies and enhance user stickiness, recognize the significance of customer success for retention and growth

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Inside Treford Live Classes

Peer-to-Peer conversations

Peer-to-Peer conversations

Learn along with other professionals from different companies and sectors, interact and build new relationships

Class-based Activities

Class-based Activities

Collaborate with others by joining breakout rooms to work on class exercises

Case-study presentations

Case-study presentations

Collaborate with others on scenario-based projects modelled after real-life projects and products.

Career Support

Career Support

Join our post-bootcamp weekly mentorship sessions to prepare you for your next role or help you navigate challenges on your current role.

Payment Plans

Pay in full

Naira equivalent



Pay instalment

Pay within 2 instalments



Student Projects

Past cohort project

FitFam: by Team Gamma

During this capstone project, our students work on an intuitive interface for Mint. Mint is a fintech startup that enable event goers request for clean banknotes in different currencies for any occasion.

FitFam: by Team Omega

Cushion is a unique bed that adapts to individual sleeping mode. During this project, our students work on a flow that allow customers with sleeping challenges order a customise bed based on how they sleep.

Not sure where to start

Check out Product Marketing learning path page for some curated for marketing courses

Bootcamp starts June 15th, 2024