Product Marketing Starter Pack

This course equips you with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of product marketing. Level up your marketing game and chart a path to success with our comprehensive starter course.

About this Course

Want to ignite your marketing career and master the strategies that drive product success? Dive into Product Marketing Starter, your launchpad to a thriving future in marketing.

This comprehensive course empowers both aspiring marketers and seasoned professionals to:

  • Demystify the world of product marketing: Grasp its crucial role in shaping product narratives and driving customer adoption.
  • Nail your target audience: Learn powerful techniques to identify, understand, and connect with your ideal customers.
  • Master the product lifecycle: Manage every stage, from launch to post-purchase, ensuring impactful results for your product.
  • Harness the power of email marketing: Craft compelling campaigns that engage, convert, and nurture customer relationships.

Product Marketing Starter is your essential toolkit for:

  • Boosting your marketability: Impress employers with in-demand skills and knowledge.
  • Leveling up your marketing game: Refine existing skills and unlock new strategies.
  • Fueling product success: Contribute meaningfully to your product’s growth and impact.

Ready to launch your marketing magic? Enroll now and unlock the secrets to a rewarding career in product marketing!

P.S. Bonus downloadable resources and industry insights await!

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Course Outline

Introduction to Product Marketing

Lesson 1: Introduction to Product Marketing

Lesson 2: Meet your Facilitator

Lesson 3: What is Product Marketing

Lesson 4: Who Product Marketing Serves and How

Lesson 5: Goals of Product Marketing

Lesson 6: Responsibilities of Product Marketing

Lesson 7: Product Marketing Metrics

Lesson 8: Product Marketing Tools

Lesson 9: Conclusions

Understanding your Target Audience

Lesson 10: Who is your Target Audience

Lesson 11: Types of Research

Lesson 12: Researching your target audience

Lesson 13: Building a User Persona

Managing the Product Lifecycle

Lesson 14: What is a Product Lifecycle

Lesson 15: Importance of Product Lifecycle

Lesson 16: Stages of a Product Lifecycle - Introduction

Lesson 17: Stages of a Product Lifecycle - Growth

Lesson 18: Stages of a Product Lifecycle - Maturity

Lesson 19: Stages of a Product Lifecycle - Decline

Lesson 20: Factors that Affect the Product Lifecycle

Lesson 21: Importance of Management

Lesson 22: Product Lifecycle Examples

Introduction to Email Marketing

Lesson 23: Introduction

Lesson 24: What is Email Marketing

Lesson 25: Email Marketing Funnel

Lesson 26: Email Marketing Strategies

Lesson 27: Email Marketing Tools

Lesson 28: Email Marketing Best Practices

Meet your Facilitator(s)

Toyin Voldo

Senior Product Manager Jira

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What is included

28 Lessons
2 hours+ self-paced content
Certificate of completion
Downloadable resources
Quiz & Exam
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