Product Management Complete Course

This course goes beyond theory, providing practical knowledge and hands-on experience that will enhance your confidence about product management in real-world scenarios.

About this Course

Welcome to the “Product Management Complete Course” – your comprehensive guide to mastering the art and science of product management. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an intermediate professional seeking to enhance your skills, this course provides a holistic approach to understanding every aspect of product management.

Throughout the course, you will learn from industry experts, starting from Introduction to Product Management, Product Research for Product Managers, Understanding Product Development Lifecycle, Introduction to Agile Product Development, Product Feature Prioritization Techniques, Wireframing for Product Managers, Creating Roadmaps for Products, Planning and Building your MVP

As a bonus, upon completion of the course, you’ll gain access to a year of Treford Masterclass sessions, offering exclusive insights from industry experts and thought leaders. This additional resource will further enrich your learning experience and keep you at the forefront of product management trends.

By the end of the “Product Management Complete Course,” you’ll not only have a solid understanding of product management fundamentals but also the confidence to navigate your career pathway with assurance. Get ready to level up your skills and embark on a journey towards becoming a proficient and sought-after product management professional.

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Course Outline

Introduction to Product Management
  • Lesson 1: Getting Started
  • Lesson 2: Product Development Process
  • Lesson 3: What Makes a Great Product Manager
  • Lesson 4: Transitioning to Product Management
  • Lesson 5: Final Note
Understanding Product Development Lifecycle
  • Lesson 6: Product Lifecycle - Intro
  • Lesson 7: The Problem Approach
  • Lesson 8: Scoping your MVP
Product Feature Prioritization Techniques
  • Lesson 9: Prioritization Techniques - Getting Started
  • Lesson 10: Prioritization Techniques - Rice Model
  • Lesson 11: Prioritization Techniques - Value vs Effort
  • Lesson 12: Prioritization Techniques - Story Mapping Model
  • Lesson 13: Prioritization Techniques - ROI-Score-Card-Model
  • Lesson 14: Prioritization Techniques - Cost of Delay Model
  • Lesson 15: Prioritization Techniques - Moscow Model
  • Lesson 16: Prioritization Techniques - Opportunity Scoring Model
  • Lesson 17: Prioritization Techniques - Kano-Model
  • Lesson 18: Key Takeaways
Introduction to Agile Product Development
  • Lesson 19: Introduction to Agile Methodology
  • Lesson 20: Agile Values
  • Lesson 21: The Scrum Framework
  • Lesson 22: Evidence Based Management
  • Lesson 23: Final Note
Wireframing for Product Managers
  • Lesson 24: Wireframing for Product Manager - Intro
  • Lesson 25: Best Practices for Wireframing
  • Lesson 26: Wireframe vs Prototype
  • Lesson 27: Wireframe Sample
Creating Roadmaps for Products
  • Lesson 28: Roadmap Introduction
  • Lesson 29: Roadmap vs Release Plan
  • Lesson 30: Roadmap Essentials
  • Lesson 31: Roadmap Sample
  • Lesson 32: After Creating your Roadmap
  • Lesson 33: Roadmapping Tools
  • Lesson 34: Conclusion and Question
Planning and Building your MVP
  • Lesson 35: Planning MVP
  • Lesson 36: Earliest Testable, Usable, Lovable MVP
  • Lesson 37: The Minimum Feature Approach
  • Lesson 38: How to Plan MVP
Product Research for Product Managers
  • Lesson 39: What is Product Research?
  • Lesson 40: Importance of Product Research
  • Lesson 41: Research & Product Development Stages
  • Lesson 42: Steps in Product Research
  • Lesson 43: Types of Research
  • Lesson 44: Competitive Analysis
  • Lesson 45: Creating a Survey
  • Lesson 46: Using Public Data for Research
  • Lesson 47: Focus Group
  • Lesson 48: Measuring the success of Product Research

Meet your Facilitator(s)

Toyin Voldo

Senior Product Manager Jira

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48 Lessons
7 hours+ self-paced content
1 year access to masterclass
Certificate of completion
Downloadable resources
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