Product Management Starter Pack

Stuck in career limbo? Yearning to build products that people love? This course is your ultimate cheat sheet to becoming an exceptional Product Manager. No prior experience needed to get started

About this Course

Ready to launch your product management career or propel it to the next level? The Product Management Starter Pack is your ultimate toolkit. Whether you’re a curious newbie or a seasoned PM honing your skills, this jam-packed course equips you with the fundamental knowledge and practical tools to succeed.

Dive into:

  • The PM Power Core: Grasp the essence of product management, understand its key phases, and master the PM mindset.
  • Metrics Mastery: Demystify product development data, learn to track success, and make data-driven decisions.
  • User Story Whisperer: Craft user stories that capture needs, guide development, and ensure your product solves real problems.
  • Documentation Demystified: Conquer the art of clear, concise product documentation that keeps everyone aligned.

This Starter Pack is your launchpad to:

  • Land your dream PM job with confidence.
  • Impress stakeholders and navigate teams like a pro.
  • Build user-centric products that matter.
  • Level up your PM skills and take your career to new heights.

Don’t just manage products, master them. Enroll in the Product Management Starter Pack and unlock your PM potential!

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Course Outline

Introduction to Product Management

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Lesson 2: Product Development Process

Lesson 3: What Makes a Great Product Manager

Lesson 4: Transitioning to Product Management

Lesson 5: Final Note

Introduction to Product Development Tools and Metrics.

Lesson 6: Product Development Metrics - Introduction

Lesson 7: Predevelopment Tools

Lesson 8: During Development Tools

Lesson 9: Post Development Tools

Creating User Stories for Products

Lesson 10: Creating User story- Getting Started

Lesson 11: How to Craft User Story

Lesson 12: Who write the user story

Lesson 13: Requirement Doc Vs User Story

Introduction to Product Documentation

Lesson 14: Introduction-to-Product-Documentation

Lesson 15: Business Requirement Documentation

Lesson 16: Product Requirement Document

Lesson 17: Functional Requirement Document

Lesson 18: Epic User Acceptance Criteria

Lesson 19: Competitive Analysis Doc

Lesson 20: End User Support Document

Lesson 21: Roadmap and Projection

Lesson 22: OKRI KPI

Lesson 23: UX Documentation

Lesson 24: Release Note Doc

Lesson 25: Agile Documentation

Lesson 26: Product Document Lifecycle

Lesson 27: Product Documentation Categorization

Meet your Facilitator(s)

Toyin Voldo

Senior Product Manager Jira

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What is included

27 Lessons
4 hours+ self-paced content
Certificate of completion
Downloadable resources
Quiz & Exam
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